Vote for Change

My name is Beverly Sussman.

I am running for President of the Village of Buffalo Grove.
I have a history of service to the Village of Buffalo Grove.

What makes ME the best candidate for the job?

  • I am qualified for the job.
  • I’ve been a resident of Buffalo Grove for 43 years
  • I have a history of service to the Village and to the community.
  • I am honest, competent, intelligent, independent, experienced, knowledgeable and passionate in what I do.

During my tenure as a Trustee, the Village has been the recipient of many awards. The following awards have been received:

  • GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), Money Magazine – One of the Best Places to Live in Illinois
  • One of the Safest Places to Live in Illinois, Neighborhood Scout – 23rd Safest Places to Live Nationwide
  • Money Magazine 46th Best Place to Live – 7th Most Friendly City in the State, 2nd Safest City in Illinois, 22nd Safest City in the United States 2 years in a row
  • Awards for the Police & Fire Departments and Public Works

I want Buffalo Grove to remain a safe community where we respond to people’s needs.

  • I want to maintain the present or better level of services while keeping property taxes the same.
  • Our employees and volunteers are the heart of the Village. I value them.


My experience with the Village of Buffalo Grove:

  • Trustee 2009-2017
  • Commissioner with the Commission For Residents With Disabilities (CRD) -15 years
  • Member of the Buffalo Grove 50th Anniversary Committee
  • Member of the Buffalo Grove Sign Code Committee
  • Member of the Appearance Review Team
  • Liaison to Plan Commission, CRD, Board of Health, BG Days Committee, Arts Commission

The Village is made up of residents who depend on me to make decisions that affect them.

  • I will listen to them and represent them.
  • I will always look at the total picture.
  • I am here for the residents of Buffalo Grove.
  • I am their voice.

I want everything to be transparent.

  • Residents should always know what’s going on in their Village.
  • They should be allowed to speak at all meetings as it is written in the BG Municipal Code and OMA.